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Our Philosophy

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listening & understanding  ●   harmony, togetherness & unity   ●  integrity  ●  delivering & excellence in quality

Below are our values and what we feel strongly about:

To provide truly bespoke wedding planning and design services

We consider you and the vision you may have for your Bali wedding to be unique. This is why we do not offer wedding packages, so popular amongst other organisers. We tailor our service to your exact needs. We become “your eyes and ears”, and a trusted partner you can rely on during the period of designing and preparation, as we liaise with involved suppliers. We also ensure there are contingency plans in place in case things might not go as originally planned (for example, unfortunately there is little we can do to stop the rain!).

To provide impartial advise and act in your best interest

Hari Indah, Bali Wedding Planning & Design consultancy, acts as your representative. We are not linked to any venues, so you can be sure that the advice and recommendations we provide are impartial. We trade with integrity and we ensure you will receive a service second to none as we only work with the best venues and suppliers, who are tried and tested. They must also meet our high quality and ethical standards.

To respond to your questions and queries promptly

Communication is a key to any good working relationship. We promise to deliver a prompt response to any query. It could relate to planning logistics, advice on how to deal with a challenging seating plan, or anything else — we will always answer your questions quickly and accurately. All our weddings are carefully time managed. You will be updated on every stage of the planning process of your Bali wedding and what is due next.

To offer a clear pricing structure

When planning a wedding in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia, you may not be aware that the majority of the prices quoted do not include added tax and service charges. There are also other fees to consider, for example a local community fee (compulsory) and international transfers, which can all add up to approximately 25% of your total bill. As we agree a set budget with you right from the beginning, all the charges are taken into account and we only offer you options within the limit. We are also very clear about our fees and do not try to hide it in an ‘all included’ quote.

To support fair trade and local communities by working with ethical suppliers

By choosing Bali, you may be inspired by not only a stunning wedding back drop but also by the affordability this beautiful place has to offer. Indonesia is a developing country, where the average income is still relatively low and many people lack access to healthcare or proper education. As Hari Indah is set up as a British – Indonesian partnership, it is very important, to me personally, and to my team, to carefully choose the suppliers. We support local ownership, where possible, and ensure that our partners share our fair trade values, treat their staff with respect and fair pay and, moreover, support and maintain ethical and healthy relationships with the local communities. We ensure we plan your Bali wedding whilst keeping in mind sustainability of this beautiful island.

To sustain and promote the local culture and environment

At Hari Indah we believe that bringing business to a developing world is a positive thing and that local communities should benefit from it. We believe in harmony and togetherness, and we think that local traditions and way of life should be protected, whilst improving standards of education and healthcare. We keep close ties with the communities and support them in sustaining their culture and maintaining the environment.